DIN pumps

The DIN series is a single stage end suction centrifugal pump. It provides high performance at a economical cost and is particularly suited to mechanical and fire service applications as well as being suitable for use in a variety of other industrial applications. 

The DIN pump can be fitted with a range of mechanical seals or a simple packed gland depending on the liquid you are pumping. These pumps feature a back pull-out design for easy maintenance and are available in a variety of materials. 

  • Engineered to the International Standard DIN 24255.
  • Volute casing centrifugal end suction pump with Back Pull-Out (BPO) feature, main dimensions and performance according to EN733/DIN24255 standards. 
  • Type: End Suction Centrifugal, Back Pull-Out (BPO)
  • Design: EN733/DIN24255
  • Flange: DIN2332 PN 10RF
  • Direction of Rotation : Clockwise as viewed from the drive end. 

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