TORNATECH V1 Electric Panel

Tornatech Electric Fire Pump Controller (Version 1)

Power outputs available:

(15KW, 22KW, 37KW, 55KW, 75KW, 90KW, 110KW, 132KW, 160KW)

External Mounted Features 

Standard Features:

  • ViziTouch Light operator interface
  • IP55 enclosure
  • Pressure and event recorder
  • AC voltage and amperage display
  • Battery charger
  • DC voltage and amperage display
  • Run test push button
  • Start and stop push buttons
  • Locked rotor protector
  • Phase reversal indication 
  • Remote start/ deluge valve start provision
  • Pressure transducer externally mounted
  • Gland plate
  • Alarm contacts remote indication
  • Automatic scheduled service/ maintenance reminders

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