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ALTON engines

Aline range of Alton engines are available in various power configurations to meet your demand. These systems are engineered and fabricated in strict adherence to the AS2941 standards and other relevant fire codes. 

Configured to the specific requirements of AS2941-2013, the ALTON heavy engines are designed to perform under strenuous applications. Backed by a 2 year conditional warranty, ALTON engines have a reliable operation and serviceability. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Air cleaner - weather rated
  • Oil pressure sender fitted (19-199ohms)
  • Water temperature sender fitted
  • Easily adjustable throttle control
  • Factory tested
  • Engine speed magnetic pick-up
  • Flywheel drive plate
  • Control wiring loom
  • 240V AC engine jacket heater fitted
  • Exhaust manifold heat shields

Support services are provided from initial engineering assistance through to on-site commission and after sales services and parts.

Please contact us via mail, telephone or the chat box for your requirements and pricing.


A-300-H Key FeaturesA-300-H Specifications


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